Alarm Systems

3.5" touch screen with full graphical interface.
Interactive Voice tutorial –up to 16 zones. Entry and exit messages recordable.

Video Intercoms

Dorani 3.5" Handsfree
3.5” LCD screen with surface mount camera and low voltage power supply.
Kocom 3.5” Colour Handsfree
3.5 LCD screen, can have up to 2 cameras and 2 monitors with intercommunication.

Ducted Vacuums

Hills 1600w Ducted Vacuum
Low noise high efficiency motor with washable filter and on board inlet.
Vacuum Tools Set
Complete Set of 9m hose, telescopic wand and accessory tools.

Music Distribution

Multi-room Audio Distribution
Up to 4 rooms with 4 music managers and speakers, 4 global music inputs available to all rooms.
Additional Rooms
Room manager, 1 pair in ceiling speakers.


4 Channel All In One
4 channel all in one recorder, up to 4 cameras, and has 17” screen, 500 gig HDD.
8 Channel All In One
8 channel all in one recorder, 17” Screen, up to 8 cameras and includes 500 gig HDD

Smart Home Technology

Hills Home Hub
Enables distribution of TV, phone and data throughout the home.
Data Switch
For connection of multiple data points for distribution of Data throughout the home